Your luxury corner

Combine luxury units with a secluded corner. Salò Bay Condos are made for those who love a unique design without giving up a sense of immersion in nature.

Every detail is designed to make you feel at home and completely transported in a place where 5-stars comfort meets unregulated freedom.

Don't linger longer

Within a short distance, you can discover the energy and beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Crystal clear waters that inspire stillness and harmony.

Other Areas

Our spacious villas arise right in front of the beach, close to the water of the sea to let you taste the morning sea breeze and enjoy an outstanding sunrise. In Sardinia Bay, you’ll find the widest range of units’ areas available on the North Coast, from functional condos to luxury villas.

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An interplay of walkways, recreation areas, tropical pool environments, and landscape creates a magical setting. The ideal family neighborhood to explore all the aspects of wellness, relaxation, and recreation.

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SBay offers a wide range of units fully furnished with only the best design solutions, and rooms equipped with air conditioning with independent control. The elevated position of dwellings guarantees an unobstructed view of the horizon and the surrounding area.

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Houses that seem to float above the surface of the water, overlooking a unique lagoon illuminated by the sun reflecting on the clear waters. A romantic destination for a truly intimate experience with nature.

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