A Crown Jewel

S-Bay is designed by one of the global urban and architecture designs firms JZMK . The project has cultivated The luxury life style award for its innovative designs and elevated life style services . A site with more than 700 meters of beautiful coastline, an exclusive Hotel Resort and a new community that is divided into five zones named after Italian coastal cities : Sardinia bay , Sanremo Bay , Sicily Bay , Smeralda Bay. A special place that provides a great diversity of unit designs and areas . The project is designed on 7 elevated steps giving magical panoramic sea views of the Mediterranean sea the project also features an iconic lagoon area following the shape of a lotus flower a sign of tranquility giving unprecedented water fronts to units .

We are luxury dream makers

Craving for a luxurious place? Along the Egyptian Mediterranean Sea, SBay compound springs out like a mirage. A place where the dream of a luxury escape took place, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors. We invite you to join the unspoiled nature, without sacrificing all the comfort you can imagine.  We invite you to dive into a masterpiece.

Join the Dolce Vita

SBay is inspired by the world-famous Italian coast in Sardinia, starting from the name. A place renewed for the clear seawater and the sandy beaches, but mostly for the Italian Dolce Vita that collects celebrities and influential people. A glamour and luxury lifestyle that's the only way of life in Sidi Heneish.

A top beach destination

SBay is a luxury compound on the North Coast of Egypt. A paradise made of a thin stretch of white sandy beaches. Under a warm sun that shines all year round, surrounded by clear turquoise waters and green lavish nature, let the fresh breeze cuddle your skin. Come and discover one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.


Essential things done beautifully

SBay has been designed by the most professional Italian and American architects. Lines, colors and every surface match perfectly the comfort and the prestige of every type of house. All the building materials used are durable and esthetically pleasing, to meet your desire for luxury.

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A partnership towards a new lifestyle

Cleopatra Group has signed a partnership agreement with US architects JZMK Partners. They will complete the global development phase, working on the SBays' residential and hotel project. The aim is to establish a new way of life suited for those looking for a place based on modernity, luxury and comfort.