A relaxing break for body and mind

Take part in a journey through a pampering path that enhances your senses and drives out from your body the stresses and the pressures of life. Saunas, hammam, steam rooms and a wide variety of spa services, like massages and treatments to recharge your body, relax your mind and satisfy your spirit.

Spa Treatments

In an elegant spa, our expert therapists, inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty tales, will provide you an extensive and exclusive treatment, using only natural ingredients.


Discover all the pleasure and the benefits of a sensory indulgence. Celebrate your body in a world of plenitude, where the flow of time is suspended.


Spoil yourself with a wellness session. An immersive program with massages, detox and purging treatments will help you to improve your wellbeing.


Follow a lavish beauty routine. You can book facials that will make you rejuvenate, fighting wrinkles. Or you could try an exfoliation treatment to smooth out the surface of your skin.